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At Integrity Governance we believe boards have a critical role in adding value to the owners of the businesses they serve. Directors are leaders of their organisations. They are both ‘custodians’ and ‘shapers’ of the culture of the organisation. An effective board of directors reflects the past, the present and the future of the business they serve. We go beyond legal and regulatory frameworks and consider the ethical, value based and cultural aspects of effective boards. We address the practical realities in real businesses with real boards.

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About Wistia
How Board effectiveness adds value to the bottom line.
John Harte, Managing Partner,
Integrity Governance

"John is one of the leading experts in governance. Couple this with his ability to challenge clients’ current thinking, to help them raise the bar, and to bring strategic foresight then you have a powerful mix. He is one of the rare few who has backed this with significant experience in practice."

Dale Simpson
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