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Evaluating CEOs on behalf of Boards.

Integrity Governance™ has a proven track record of making Boards more effective. Now we bring to market KeyStone CEO 360° — confidential, repeatable CEO assessment and evaluation.

A Board needs to regularly evaluate their CEO.

The core role of all Boards is to evaluate and manage the effectiveness of the CEO. A Board that makes regular CEO evaluations a priority are crucial to the success of the CEO, the Board and ultimately the organisation.

Integrity Governance™ KeyStone CEO 360°

KeyStone CEO 360° is a best-practice CEO assessment and evaluation process. Boards and CEOs have often expressed frustration with inconsistent assessment processes that lack alignment with company values and strategy. KeyStone CEO 360° objectively measures CEO effectiveness in line with an organisation’s vision and culture. A Board can then use the resultant feedback and robust data to develop the CEO and their role. When performed regularly, KeyStone CEO 360° enables tracking of increasing CEO effectiveness over time.

How KeyStone CEO 360° evaluation and assessment works.

The process be as basic as a CEO self-assessment, right through to a full 360° evaluation by the Board, direct reports and key stakeholders.

Discovery phase

An initial discussion establishes the objectives, defines the evaluation parameters and qualifies the expected outcomes.

Assessment and Evaluation phase

Surveys are tailored to your organisation and written to reflect the skills, knowledge and abilities of the CEO. Integrity Governance™ assesses an extensive range of performance criteria including strategic planning, leadership, financial performance, management of operations, management development, succession planning, human resources, communications, brand and reputation management and interpersonal relations.

In the full 360° multi-participant form, each participant is asked to rate each area of the CEO’s performance in a confidential survey or interview.

Reporting phase

We will present our findings, outline opportunities for performance improvement and personal development. We’ll also identify any gaps between the views of the CEO and the other participants. After this we’ll provide a written report with our analysis and a summary of the agreed development opportunities for the CEO.

Who is involved?

CEO self-assessment is our most basic offering though we recognise the limitations of self-assessment. We recommend the involvement of the Chair, Directors, CEO and the executive leadership team for a full 360° CEO evaluation.

How long does it take?

Usually around four weeks. This is dependant upon the responsiveness and availability of participants. To reduce this to two weeks we require full availability, unfettered access and determined engagement from all those participating. The process of the CEO Evaluation must become one of the management team’s top priorities for those 14 days.

Why work with Integrity Governance™?

We’re seasoned business professionals with decades of experience as CEOs, board directors and advisers. We’re free from the conflict of interest that can arise from a governance business that also provide recruitment and audit services. We won’t evaluate a CEO we placed, nor assess the financial performance of an organisation we provided financial advice too. We are truly independent.

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