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Board, Director & Governance Reviews

Board and Individual Director Reviews

  1. To provide an informed assessment of the performance of individual directors, and the board as a whole. We do this through the collection and interpretation of data.
  2. To set targets and provide ongoing constructive feedback. This supports the development of the individual director (and the board as a whole). Specific focus is given to opportunities to learn new skills, change behaviours, or provide additional time and attention.
  3. To specify and validate strategic and performance objectives. This empowers the board and its appropriate committees to look to the year ahead.

Our experience with the individual director and board evaluation ensures that we maintain a healthy balance between all three objectives. We resist the natural tendency of many reviewers to focus purely on past performance.


Governance Reviews

A range of governance failures became apparent following the global financial crisis. As a result, corporate governance has been subject to increased scrutiny in recent years.

The legislative burden for directors has increased, along with a series of fundamental economic and societal changes, directors’ duties, and the conduct of boards and committees, has become more onerous.

A governance review starts with the legal framework, and works through the documentation, processes, protocols and procedures, to empower board effectiveness.

Productive boards put in place effective, practical governance and strategies to enact their role. Our experience in governance reviews provides an objective assessment of your organisations’ governance. This ensures it is best practice and fit for purpose.

Integrity Governance works with boards, investors, donors, regulators, and funders, to conduct governance reviews.

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