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Facilitation & Strategic Planning


Many boards and senior management teams recognise the value of an impartial, professional facilitator, who can serve as a catalyst. They enhance the outcomes and effectiveness of meetings, consultative processes, and planning sessions.

Integrity Governance professionals conduct facilitation across a number of sectors and physical locations. We can help you to improve productivity through a range of proven tools and techniques that allow your organisation to accomplish more.

Leading boards take an approach to board and CEO succession that goes beyond traditional placement and even planning. We work with boards and owners to ensure that CEO, director, and Chairman succession is a continuous and enabling process anchored in an ongoing dialogue about the future needs of the organisation.

At the CEO succession planning level, this approach involves a regular review of the development of talent within the top team. It involves working closely with the existing CEO, the board and its committees to ensure that development of direct reports and senior management team enables the board to have a strong range of internal candidates.

Strategic Planning

We offer a tailored approach to your situation. We prefer to work directly with you to ensure the process, preparation and involvement meet your needs.

We offer a range of tools and techniques that enable boards, company members, and senior executives, to deliver significant results in strategic thinking and planning.

What Next?

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