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Natural Strengths Evaluation by Kolbe

For over 35 years Kolbe has helped individuals and organisations leverage human instincts to achieve higher performance. By harnessing Kolbe assessment tools we can help you improve your understanding of yourself, help you build effective project teams and increase productivity within your organisation.

What is it?

The Kolbe Natural Strengths Evaluation will assess if you’re the right fit for your job or your team. Understanding your instinctive way of working can improve your productivity and enrich your personal relationships and, when assessed in a team context, improve group dynamics.

How does it work?

The Natural Strengths Evaluation starts with a 20 minute online survey. The outcome is immediate and the results can be printed. The three grades of assessment — A, B and C — will determine what you naturally do best (A), how you see what your job requires (B), and how others see what your job requires (C). A one hour de-brief with a Consultant is available to clarify your strengths and abilities.


Kolbe A™ is a personalised assessment of your natural talents and how you instinctively take action.


Kolbe B ™ identifies what you perceive the requirements for success are in your current job. Comparing this report with your Kolbe A™ result will reveal if and where your innate talents conflict with your current job.


Identifies your supervisors’ views of what your role needs.

What’s in it for you?

You can improve your own performance by understanding your natural way of working. By understanding what drives others you can can improve your entire team’s performance.

Senior Management and Board level

When Kolbe A™, Kolbe B™ and Kolbe C are applied to Senior Management and Board level personnel the robust results can lead to critical insights and opportunities for powerful progress.

Leverage your instincts and improve your performance

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