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Natural Strengths Evaluation by Kolbe

What is it?

The Kolbe natural strengths evaluation is a powerful tool for assessing whether you are the right fit for your job or your team. Understanding your instinctual way of working can improve your job performance and productivity, and enrich your personal relationships. When used in a team context the evaluation can help to improve group dynamics.

“The Kolbe assessment was a revelation. I suddenly understood why I had been a “square peg in a round hole” most of my working life. Now I work to my strengths and thoroughly enjoy what I do.”
Ingrid Wren, Copywriter

When you understand your natural way of doing things, or your modus operandi (MO), you are free to be your authentic self. Learned behaviours can mask or even hinder natural strengths. Kolbe results are constant over time and will help you take charge of putting your natural strengths to use.

How does it work?

The evaluation starts with a 20 minute online survey. Results are delivered dynamically online on completion. A print version is also available. A one hour debrief with one of our Kolbe qualified consultants will help you to clarify your strengths and unique abilities.

Kolbe offers three grades of assessment which can provide an all-round look at what you naturally do best, how you see what your job requires, and how others see what your job requires.

Kolbe ATM

Assesses your natural talents and how you instinctively take action. It is a personalised assessment built around your own natural way of working. Your Kolbe results are specific to you and don't change.
Take your Kolbe results with you to any role.


Kolbe BTM

Identifies your perceived requirements for success in your current job. It uncovers your perception of your job requirements and reveals where you may be working against the grain. Comparing this report with your Kolbe A result will reveal if and where your job conflicts with your innate talents.

Kolbe CTM

Identifies your supervisors’ views as to the needs of your job role.

What’s in it for me?

"You don't succeed because you have no weaknesses, you succeed because you find your unique strengths and focus on developing habits around them."
Tim Ferris

Improve your own performance by understanding your natural way of working. Improve your team’s performance through understanding what drives others. When groups of people with the right mix of skills work together, the combined mental energy can produce remarkable cooperation.

Teams organised along these lines can perform at a higher level than is possible for the same group of people working independently. 

Experience powerful results when Kolbe A + Kolbe B + Kolbe C are applied in board and director evaluations.

Backed by over 35 years of research and practical application.

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Board, Director & Governance Reviews

Board and Individual Director Reviews

Performance evaluation can serve three distinct but closely related objectives:

  1. To provide an informed assessment of the performance of individual directors, and the board as a whole. We do this through the collection and interpretation of data.
  2. To set targets and provide ongoing constructive feedback. This supports the development of the individual director (and the board as a whole). Specific focus is given to opportunities to learn new skills, change behaviours, or provide additional time and attention.
  3. To specify and validate strategic and performance objectives. This empowers the board and its appropriate committees to look to the year ahead.

Our experience with the individual director and board evaluation ensures that we maintain a healthy balance between all three objectives. We resist the natural tendency of many reviewers to focus purely on past performance.

Governance Reviews

A range of governance failures became apparent following the global financial crisis. As a result, corporate governance has been subject to increased scrutiny in recent years.

The legislative burden for directors has increased, along with a series of fundamental economic and societal changes, directors’ duties, and the conduct of boards and committees, has become more onerous.

A governance review starts with the legal framework, and works through the documentation, processes, protocols and procedures, to empower board effectiveness.

Productive boards put in place effective, practical governance and strategies to enact their role. Our experience in governance reviews provides an objective assessment of your organisations’ governance. This ensures it is best practice and fit for purpose.

Integrity Governance works with boards, investors, donors, regulators, and funders, to conduct governance reviews.

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Facilitation & Strategic Planning


Many boards and senior management teams recognise the value of an impartial, professional facilitator, who can serve as a catalyst. They enhance the outcomes and effectiveness of meetings, consultative processes, and planning sessions.

Integrity Governance professionals conduct facilitation across a number of sectors and physical locations. We can help you to improve productivity through a range of proven tools and techniques that allow your organisation to accomplish more.

Leading boards take an approach to board and CEO succession that goes beyond traditional placement and even planning. We work with boards and owners to ensure that CEO, director, and Chairman succession is a continuous and enabling process anchored in an ongoing dialogue about the future needs of the organisation.

At the CEO succession planning level, this approach involves a regular review of the development of talent within the top team. It involves working closely with the existing CEO, the board and its committees to ensure that development of direct reports and senior management team enables the board to have a strong range of internal candidates.

Strategic Planning

We offer a tailored approach to your situation. We prefer to work directly with you to ensure the process, preparation and involvement meet your needs.

We offer a range of tools and techniques that enable boards, company members, and senior executives, to deliver significant results in strategic thinking and planning.

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Resolution & Investigation

Conflict resolution

Is conflict damaging the cohesiveness and collaboration of your board? Are there board members who reject ideas out of hand? When conflict becomes destructive, we need to be willing to make some changes.

It can be an opportunity for positive change. A neutral third person can help us to better understand our fellow board members better, and lead us towards our own solutions.

Integrity Governance professionals are available to lead conflict resolution discussions in the privacy of your own boardroom or at neutral venues convenient to participants. We can help you to turn negative conflict into a positive outcome.

You’ll need to be prepared to discuss the issues. We suggest exploring other possibilities instead of rejecting ideas out of hand. Then we can work with you to turn the situation around.

Moving to constructive conflict can encourage objective discussion and decision making. It can help to build a stronger board and the working relationships within it.

Whistle-blower and Investigations

Directors and business owners are often confronted by the need to gain insight and objectivity in highly sensitive, confidential matters. We work with boards and owners on highly confidential investigations. Our team includes licenced investigators, experts in workplace health and safety, forensic accountants and human resources practitioners that can support boards and owners at times when professionalism, objectivity, discretion, and confidentiality are critical. We take an approach which aims to protect the group from the individual and the individual from the group by respecting natural justice, due process and the integrity of the organisation.

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