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Conflict Resolution & Investigation

Conflict resolution

Is conflict damaging the cohesiveness and collaboration of your board? Are there board members who reject ideas out of hand? When conflict becomes destructive, we need to be willing to make some changes.

It can be an opportunity for positive change. A neutral third person can help us to better understand our fellow board members better, and lead us towards our own solutions.

Integrity Governance professionals are available to lead conflict resolution discussions in the privacy of your own boardroom or at neutral venues convenient to participants. We can help you to turn negative conflict into a positive outcome.

You’ll need to be prepared to discuss the issues. We suggest exploring other possibilities instead of rejecting ideas out of hand. Then we can work with you to turn the situation around.

Moving to constructive conflict can encourage objective discussion and decision making. It can help to build a stronger board and the working relationships within it.

Whistle-blower and Investigations

Directors and business owners are often confronted by the need to gain insight and objectivity in highly sensitive, confidential matters. We work with boards and owners on highly confidential investigations. Our team includes licenced investigators, experts in workplace health and safety, forensic accountants and human resources practitioners that can support boards and owners at times when professionalism, objectivity, discretion, and confidentiality are critical.

We take an approach which aims to protect the group from the individual and the individual from the group by respecting natural justice, due process and the integrity of the organisation.

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